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Our pathway for skill development includes a variety of options to fit players of all levels.  From 1 on 1 private sessions to small group sessions – the focus stays the same: Skill and IQ Development:

Hoop School

Hoop School – Comprehensive co-ed skills development clinic designed to enhance the players overall fundamentals, I.Q., and game situational reads. This bi-weekly training program is for beginning to advanced players

Next Level Training

The Next Level Training Development Program is designed to maximize the high-performance basketball player’s readiness at three essential levels:

Peak Explosive Athleticism • Advanced Skill Set • Exceptional Game Situational IQ  

  • Shooting – This highly detailed class will maximize the players ability to create additional shot attempts, incorporate complex techniques that transfer directly to game situations and ultimately make more in-game shots.
  • Attacking – Attack program was developed for the serious player. It is a comprehensive workshop that focuses on the player’s individual scoring and playmaking attributes by incorporating advanced basketball-enhancing skill metrics and rapid IQ awareness drills.
  • Performance – This program is designed to improve each athletes’ speed, quickness, strength, power, explosiveness, vertical jump and mobility while educating them on how to use their bodies efficiently and effectively to prevent injury and maximize results. Each Shooting and Attacking course starts with a 30 minute performance workout.

Semi Private Sessions

  • Small group private sessions (4 players max)
  • Select your trainer and book your next session today