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Practice makes perfect!  Schedule a shooting session on your own time with our state of the art shooting machine that provides coaches, trainers, and players advanced analytical feedback at their fingertips.

Coaches and Trainers around the world are always looking for the best solutions when it comes to training their players efficiently. Time, rules and regulations are often obstacles many coaches face throughout the year. Basketball has become a year round sport and if your players aren’t training efficiently, they will quickly fall behind the curve. Dr. Dish Training Management System featuring the new Skill Builder provides coaches, trainers, and players advanced analytical feedback at their fingertips and is now the trusted solution for coaches and trainers around the world.




Skill Builder gives coaches the ability to create or simply select workouts that will be specific to the needs of individual or groups of players. Players can now get on the court, train with a purpose while focusing on weaknesses and their coaches can track all this without being present using our Training Management System. This will help players work on skills and accelerate performance to start the season and can be done without taking valuable time from coaches.